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+81 92 235 5870 *Japanese only

[ Office hours ] Mon – Fri 9:00 – 17:00 / Sat 9:00 – 12:00
*closed on Sundays and holidays



Passenger fares

3,840 yen Uku
4,000 yen 480 yen Ojika
4,370 yen 1,230 yen 960 yen Aokata
4,750 yen 2,520 yen 2,080 yen 1,240 yen Naru
4,930 yen 2,890 yen 2,600 yen 1,660 yen 650 yen Fukue

Revised Oct. 1, 2019

  • *Children (6 years or older but under 12) are charged at half fare. In case of toddlers under 6 years of age, one toddler per adult can ride free, and the children’s fare will be changed for each of the rest of the toddlers.

Fares for reserved rooms/beds (additional to the passenger fare)

Type Number Room
(outbound from Hakata)
(inbound from Fukue)
Suite 1 room 4 people +17,600 yen/room +8,800 yen/room
Family room 2 rooms 4 people +9,600 yen/room +4,800 yen/room
Twin room 16 rooms 2 people +5,200 yen/room +2,600 yen/room
Western-style bed 54 beds - +2,200 yen/bed +2,200 yen/bed
Japanese-style bed 21 beds - +1,500 yen/bed +1,500 yen/bed
  • *The above fares are the same for adults and children in all sections.
  • *The above fares apply even when a reserved room is occupied by people less than the room’s capacity.


There is no fee for carry-on baggage. (*applicable to baggage that the passenger can carry onto/from the ferry in a single trip)
Check-in baggage will be handled as illustrated below:

Check-in baggage

Check-in baggag

A+B+C≦200cm (up to 30kg)

Per piece
290 yen
  • *Check-in baggage that we cannot accept as personal items shall be treated as cargo.
  • *If you have many pieces of baggage to check in, please bring them in during the day.
  • *You will be notified of the fees once the cargo has been examined at the window that handles the cargo at the port of embarkation.

Transportation of cars, motorcycles and bicycles

Vehicle lengthSection
Hakata-Uku Hakata-Ojika Hakata-Aokata Hakata-Naru Hakata-Fukue
3m or more
but less than 4m
21,040 yen 22,270 yen 23,470 yen 26,020 yen 27,350 yen
4m or more
but less than 5m
26,250 yen 27,720 yen 29,410 yen 32,560 yen 34,130 yen
5m or more
but less than 6m
33,390 yen 34,730 yen 36,780 yen 41,990 yen 44,170 yen
Bicycle and other
lightweight vehicles
1,090 yen 1,090 yen 1,090 yen 1,360 yen 1,360 yen
Motorized bicycle
(less than 125cc)
2,180 yen 2,180 yen 2,180 yen 2,730 yen 2,730 yen
(less than 750cc)
3,270 yen 3,270 yen 3,270 yen 4,100 yen 4,100 yen
(750cc or more)
4,360 yen 4,360 yen 4,360 yen 5,480 yen 5,480 yen
  1. Reservations are required for the transportation of cars, motorcycles and bicycles.
  2. Transportation fares include the passenger fare for the driver (one person).

Discount service

Return trip discount (for round trip from Hakata)

A 10% discount is applied to the passenger fare and/or vehicle transportation fee for the return trip.

The tickets must be purchased in Hakata for round trip from Hakata to Goto. The return trip must be for the same section, with a set date of return within 14 days of the departure.
*Vehicle must be of the same type.

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